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Briefly. . .

​We are a collective devoted to children in all their spectacular diversity in an evolving society. We have conscience, spirit and perspective.  As mothers, our value to society will not be underestimated nor will we allow our children's to be.  Mothering, like society, is an evolving process. This generation is unique in many ways-we respond to them; the same in timeless ways-we hold fast to them. We have a role in the universe that is essential, invaluable, central, dynamic. We are providers, producers, nurturers, creators, communicators, demonstrators.  We exist to support each other through dialogue, unity and progress in America and the world. . . coming closer--as the struggles and the triumphs continue. . .

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Our staff and board 

Ruby Abdullah         Fatima Aziz             Cynthia Bagwell

Lisa Barham            Dionne Beverly        Frances Foster Brooks

Gene Brooks           April Chandler          Chlarissa Davis 

Coston Davis           Basra Fakhir            Kathy Ferguson

Hillary Ferguson      Yolanda Gill              Crystal Good

Jodi Jackson            Brian Jackson          Shirley Jackson

Yvonne Lee              Daniel McAllister     Joseph McAllister

Gail Mosby               Fred Tyson               Linda Taylor

Bobbi Nicholson       Pamela Nixon          Angela Smith

Nichelle Perkins Sowers                           Kimberly Stubblefield                                 The SCHS Mom Squad

                  Gregg Suzanne Ferguson McAllister                                                                    

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